Thursday, June 15, 2006

another day-a joke !

A Lady is on top of a hill and she is going to push her Father down from the hill top.....So what is the name of this evil lady ???


Prady ! said...

daya .. cheater .. this i heard on some radio channel recently!

Roman said...

Daya-er Addendum:

Q:What is her mother's name who was her partner in crime?
Ans: Sush-ma!

Anonymous said...

i dont lissen to radio....not so far :D


kekde said...

Daya-er-er Addendum:

Q:What is the name of her brother who cheered her?
Ans: Push-kar

sujay said...

adding on-
Q: What is the name of her younger sister who liked her dad a lot?
A: Chum-pa

kekde said...

To complete the family:

Q.What was the name of the father?
Ans: Daddy = Dead-he

Anonymous said...