Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Paradise Lost

(found on an IIMA noticeboard)

The Dead Poets Society meets once a week in a remote corner of heaven. Here you will find an esteemed bunch of departed poets engaging in lively (sorry, deadly) discussions and gen time-pass.. they play games such as 'whats the good wordsworth', 'lock and keats', 'tennison hard courts' and so on..Once Chaucer, Elliot, Milton, and Marlowe were playing monopoly. The game is evenly poised when the throw comes to Milton. He can hardly concentrate with the noise the others are making. Elliot has a tooth ache and is shouting 'My Cavity, My Cavity, there's nothing like my cavity'.. Milton fumbles and his throw goes lands under a sofa, gone for ever..Milton pondered and remarked...what?

(Ans) Pair o' dice lost (Highlight as usual)