Thursday, January 29, 2009

Temple joke

Q) Why is the forehead of a person called Amrit yellow in colour?

A) Because Amrit-sar has Golden Temple.

Please sing 'Tootak tootak tootiyan' to Vikram Rentala if you are not happy.

Grammar check

Q) What is the plural of IIT?


Funda: Indian Institutes of Technology.

If you are pissed off with this 'piece', please sing, 'tootak tootak tootiyan' to Vikram Rentala.

yettt another edit-

This explains why students keep hanging out at coffee shack.....

They want to be close to Ice Tea/ IIs T

Sunday, January 11, 2009

True love hormones

Q: Sashi couldn't ever kiss anyone unless he was in love with that person. Why?
A: Pyaar humein kiss Mode pe le aaya.