Friday, October 27, 2006


ACAL stands for "Assiciation of Crimebuster and Law upholders". It is a secret organisation of nine S-class ninjas who protect the earth from being destroyed from evils that mortals do not know anything of. They wanted to call it Akatsuki, but the anime series "Naruto" destroyed the reputation of that name. The ACAL was in constant pursuit of the Greek God of mayhem - Pan. There was then a chap called Singaraju Dheeraj Prasad who wanted to join the organization to fight crime. Being the mortal that he is, it was almost impossible for him to join. Filled with determination, he went to a sage called Saurav Panda for advice. Panda baba told him that if he wants to join the crime fighting organization, he has to kill and eat Pan who was hiding in Varanasi, and whose constant pursuit the ACAL was in. Singaraju Dheeraj Prasad set out on this impossible task. He sought out Pan in Varanasi, killed him and ate him. The ACAL was impressed and finally took him into the fold.

To commemorate this incident, a song was written, "Khaike Pan Banaras waala, khul jaaye bandh ACAL ka taala".

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vishnoi said...

sometimes i wonder, why god why?