Saturday, May 31, 2008

Himessss Reloaded

For extreme Himesh Reshammiya fans.

Jai: tera naam kya hai Basanti?
Basanti: Suroor.

(For the clueless- meditate on the powers of 13. This, and this may help.)


Anonymous said...

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Ess Dee said...

Argh! How man Himessss "13" jokes will you guys come up with?? X( X(

kekde said...

Dear Ess Dee,
Jai: Suroor tera naam hai?
Basanti: Wrong. Its naam.naam.


best, kekde.

Peru said...

Wow.. Been readin your blog a while.. You guys are immaculately funny.. Keep 'em comin!


Peru said...

Haah! True, no? =)
Keep posting.