Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shiney Jokes

Q) What is Shiney Ahuja's sexual orientation?
A) He is Baisexual

Q) What does Shiney Ahuja usually read before masturbation?
A) Bai-o-graphies

What does Shiney Ahuja read while masturbatiing?
A) Auto - Bai - o - graphies

What was Shiney Ahuja's favourite subject in school?
A) Bai-o-logy

What is Shiney Ahuja's favourite holiday destination?
A) Dubai

What is Shiney Ahuja's favourite mode of transport?
A) Baicycle

Q) Shiney Ahuja decided to give up acting after the scandal and went to the stock markets to become a trader. He was a failure at it. Why?
A) He did not sell anything. All he did was bai.

Q) What is Shiney Ahuja's favourite song?
A) Maid in India
Alternate answer (from anonymous comment): Bai Bai Bai, by N'Sync

(Thanks to Anjaam for the following 'joke')
Q) What is the bai's least favourite song?
A) Shiney Disco Balls

Shiney Ahuja believes that there are 10 kinds of people in this world - those who understand bainary and those who do not.


Sanjay said...

Very funny :)

Anonymous said...

Get a life Neerav, sick stuff!

Anyhow that fav song could have been
Bai Bai Bai by NSync

Anjaam said...

What was Bai's Favorite Song?
- Shiny Disco Balls

Maybe a new series in the making??

Hashish said...

wow! nice one Anjaam, you'll get a coffee and a cookie as a treat for cracking that. :-)