Monday, July 03, 2006

Superman Returns

Q: What is the name of the guy who fell on Alice Patten (Gullabo) in Rang De Basanti?
A: Sue per man

Q: What song does Super Man's sweetheart sing for him?
A: Su per, mere Man ko
kiya tune, kya ishaara....

Q: If Super man was from Hyderabad, he would have been stronger than the US based Superman. Why?
A: for then, he would be Sup-ra man

Q: Is Super Man a surd?
A: remove your spectacles, pull a strand of hair across your forehead, and none shall recognize who you really are!! .... of course he is a surd!

ps: the image above has been taken from The Great Bong.

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Hashish said...

i love the picture. not to mention the sue par man. :D