Sunday, March 04, 2007

Potato joke

There was once a potato that went to God and cribbed.

"Dear God, we lead nonexistent lives. These humans, they peel us, boil us, mash us, cut us, fry us, saute us, and finally eat us. Sometimes, our skins are also not spared and they also get eaten. Oh God, please help us in making our lives better."

God answers, "Yummy!".

Note: Joke credited to this woman who recounted to us the time when her History teacher, Mrs. Thyagarajan told them the above joke in school. Nostalgia for all those who were in Cathedral, Mumbai.

P.S: The joke sounded 'funny' when it was told as Ateya has a nice way of telling jokes. Let me see if I can someone to record it when she gets nostalgic again.

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