Friday, April 13, 2007

Jose's English Wedding

Once a British Monarch decided to have a Swayamvar for his daughter. However, this lady wasn't too bright. So, she insisted that she marry someone less bright than her, for she didn't want to hear any "I'm smarter than you" nonsense.

The king agreed, and the news was announced. Six brave knights were arrived and the king decreed, "Go out in the world and do stuff. The one who does the stupidest 'stuff' wins."

The competition was set. The knights, A B C D E and F set out to do dumb things. However there was a clear winner - one managed to outdo the others by a *huge* margin. Who?

(Ans) The winner was D, for he was "Sir Dee"! [Highlight]


lakesidey said...

You know, Ess Dee seems quite probably like a short form for Sir Dee....what say junta?

Ess Dee said...

hah. scope.


Anonymous said...