Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another lion joke

Once upon a time in a jungle there was a lioness. She was unhappy with her life because she was very ugly and nobody took any notice of her. But the lioness had one specialty, she was very good at hunting and was one of the best hunters in the jungle. One day while hunting, the lioness caught hold of an old rabbit. As she was about to kill the rabbit, the rabbit pleaded to her to spare his life and in return he promised to give the lioness anything she wanted. The lioness gave it a thought and agreed. She told the rabbit that if he can tell her a way by which she can become a beauty queen, she will spare his life. On hearing this, the old wise rabbit pointed towards a nearby hill. On top of it was a large rock. The view from the rock was magnificent. The rabbit told the lioness to go and sit on top of the rock and all her problems will be solved. The lioness thought the rabbit was bluffing her. So she took the rabbit along with her to the rock and gave it a try. To her surprise, it worked! All the lions were noticing her and she received many proposals for date. She thanked the rabbit for her favour and the rabbit breathed a sigh of relief and hopped away safely to his house. How did the rabbit solve the problem for the lioness?

When the lioness sat on the rock she became SherOn Stone (Sharon Stone)

Thanks to this woman for the 'joke'.
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Ess Dee said...

ouch. :-/

Anonymous said...

I know what we should get you on your next birthday, a sense of humour!