Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lion Joke? Hah. Here's a Mouse Joke Now :P

Mickey mouse on his visit to India was mesmerized by the Indian culture. More specifically it was the Rama's character in Ramayana that touched him the most. He was so moved by the epic that he decided to learn more abt it. In order to peruse his interest it was advised that he travelled to Himalayas as the great sages there could help him learn more abt Rama. Mickey was very lucky to meet a great sage in Himalayas who promised him to teach abt Rama and Ramayana. The sage tried hard to teach Mickey,but Mickey failed to pick up repeatedly. After many patient sessions the sage got frustrated and threw Mickey on a near by wall. As soon as Mickey hit the wall he became a scholar of Ramayana. Kaise?

As Mickey hit the wall he became wall Mickey(Valmiki).

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