Saturday, November 04, 2006

It's the bong song...

This time a take on good ol' Bongs (some original, some inspired, some plain simple borrowed :D)

1. What would be the preferrred destination of a huge group of bongs?

Ans: Bong-galore.

2. If two bongs ever ventured into the porn industry, what would they be known as?

Ans: Bong brothers.

3. After marriage, for their honeymoon, the bong couple went...

Ans: A-bonging.

4. Favourite extreme sport of bongs---

Ans: Bongee jumping.

Please to be adding to this list,

The Big Bong.


SD said...

lol :D

What do you called a stupid Bong?

A blong! :P

Anonymous said...

Impostor! you arent the big bong.

kekde said...

Q. command to check if a bong's comp is connected to the net?

A. ping bong!

Fubu said...

Keku, CS daya dale bina man nahi bharta na! :P

Fubu said...


Hey, how are you?

And pray tell me, why can't I be the big bong?

kekde said...

bcoz arnab raced u to that title:

Anonymous said...

See you're big, but you aren't bong!


aakash the racing maven said...

Q. What is the favourite act of bong metal heads?
A. Head-bonging

Q. Who is the bong's favourite singer?
A. Bong Jovi

Q. What led to the creation of the Bong race?
A. Big Bong

Q. What do you call an Australian Bong?
A. Bangaroo

Q. What word game do bongs like to play most?
A. Bang-man

Q. What do you call a bong with a reid and taylor suit?
A. Bong with the best !

Q. What is theie favourite cartoon character?
A. Bongers

Q. What do you tell your mother when you have a bong date in your house?
A. Bong-in-villa

Q. Which dance form do bongs like the most?
A. bongra

aaaihh...Thats all folks..

"Beware of chew zey trink baby's blud "

aakash the racing maven said...
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