Sunday, November 19, 2006

Shashius Anorexius

After many valiant efforts (not to forget an attempt at sabotage), our valiant photographers managed to capture the rarest species in a never before seen pic.

There is a great mystery surrounding this blog entry. The first entry was deleted by somebody. We are still investigating that mystery. Here's the status:

  • Must have been done by one of the six admins
  • Admin 1: Shashi, claims innocence. But we have a theory that when Shashi sees his own pic, he undergoes grotesque transmogrifications and is not aware of what he does then and becomes a vicious deleter. Ofcourse, he would deny this because he doesn't remember that phase at all.
  • Admin 2: Shrini. Haven't interrogated him yet. But we have a theory for him too. The sleepy headed Shrini must have fallen asleep on the keyboard and deleted blog entry by mistake.
  • Admin 3: Bolli. Now in some dingy corner of Earth. Our theory says that he is jealous of Shashi's fair complexion and in a fit of rage, he deleted the entry. Still need to confirm this.
The remaining three admins are above board and beyond suspicions because they are facing tougher challenges like endsems. So we will not even bother about them.

Watch this space as this mystery unfolds and the sleuths solve this dastardly act of crime and deception.

Meanwhile, enjoy the once in a lifetime pic of Shashi.

Camerawork - Dahlia
Occasion - Tan(e)'s budday
(Digression: Why would anyone look so sad, dejected, depressed, morose, forlorn and not to forget constipated on somebody's birthday?)

P.S. The evil-doer might strike again. But the blog entry will be made again and again. We won't be dissuaded so easily, nay, it takes more than deleting blog entries to frighten us. We will live! Long live the revolution! Down with imperialism! Glasnost! Perestorika!


SD said...

ROTFLlLLLL ==)))))

too freakkin good mann!

don't let the admins upon their thrones overrule us! fight! we must have this picture!

:D :P

Anonymous said... is back.

But we must be alert, very very alert, the evil doer might strike again.

Also, just so people know- the most probable theory hasnt been stated.

Fubu wants to be sole admin. He deleted photo so that he could blame all others and take away their admin rights.
The plan was thwarted coz we were onto his evil ideas.

Damn blogspot says my account doesnt exist.
Fine, I am anonymous.

Anonymous said...

and its transmoRgifications... tsk tsk sigh.

Fubu said...

Tanny Tanny,

It is not transmorgifications, I have spelt it correctly. Here

And since one of your facts is wrong, the other has to be wrong too. So I did not delete the blog entry. Hence Proved.

shrini said...

maine delete nahi kittha oye....

Hashish said...

People haven't noticed, but this is the 150th post on the blog. Good show people.