Tuesday, May 16, 2006

another variation of the kango joke:

Q) Pran and Shan go to a bus stop. When the bus arrives, Pran gets on but Shan is not allowed to get onto the bus. Why?

A) kyonki Pran jaaye par Shan na jaaye.


sujay said...

or, u cud had had pran and amitabh bachchan waiting on the bus stop, and only bachchan being allowed. why?
A: pran jaye par bachan na jaye

Appul Jaisinghani said...

the originality which this place used to have is missing. u ppl can definitel do better than this cliched stuff. B Vinod..wake up!

sahAL said...

This is the lamest joke i've ever heard... I LIKE I LIKE :)