Monday, May 22, 2006

Bollied over!

Q. What did the career counsellor suggest Bolli to take as his profession?

Ans - Bolli-dancing. (eeeew, gross!)

Q. What would you call Bolli if he were aggressive, hostile and inclined to fight?

Ans - Bolligerent.

If he were chinese kung fu star.

Ans - Bo - Lee

Wont even bother with bolliwood...

And I dont want anyone to say, We knowed these jokes :D.


Anirudh said...

never tired of Bolli jokes,eh?

here's another one:

What do you call Bolli's goat?

Bolli ka bakra

Anonymous said...

or one more:
how do sikhs greet B?
Bolli soni haal, satsri akaal :)

SD said...


Yes We Knowed that Bolli jokes are funny!! ;)