Monday, June 26, 2006

Bollius pseudus altius

This story is based on real events. Any co-incidence with B. Vinod is totaly intended.

Once upon a time there was a psheud shophie called Bolli. (Note that you have to pronounce the 's' as 'sh' to be as pseud...erm psheud as Bolli). Sho Bolli psheudly made his way to Hostel Sheven's canteen to pamper his tummy. What followed was something like this.

Bolli: Chandy mujhe ek muffin dena
Chandy: Yeh kya hai? Apne canteen main nahin milta !
Bolli (sticking his head into the canteen and other parts into the air): Woh hai na wahan.. woh waala chahiye
Chandy (angry): Arey to seedha saadha bol na ki cake chahiye! Sala hero banta hai


vishnoi said...

nice. :)

hippo said...

1) Why will cyclotrons not work in Bengal?

because q(v x B) = q (B x B) there = 0.

2) Why does bolli have such a big ass?

because he loves pizzas and has pizzazz, hence:


kirkiri, why are only ppl with bolg accts allowed ot blog? thoo...daya rule