Thursday, June 01, 2006

Height of ...(slightly gross)

Height of Exasperation:
A one handed man hanging from a cliff with an itchy arse

Height of Frustration:
A boxer trying to scratch his balls.

Height of Confusion:
Two earthworms making love in a bowl of noodles 

Height of Competition:
A guy peeing beside a waterfall.

Height of Laziness:

Height of false pretenses:
An afro bathing in the sea and singing "Paani mein jale mera gora badan"

Height of nerdiness:
A drowning fella shouting out "F1, F1!"

Height of Mount Everest:
8 km

Height of suspense:
Watch this space ...

(many more known, but waay too gross :P )


vishnoi said...

nice one :)

vikrant said...

saaale suzy poore time copied jokes maarta hai... originality ki to waat laga di

sujay said...

oye, copied joke nahi, inspired kaho :)

Anonymous said...

abe sujay, earth worm waala sahi tha be. -Dhruvesh

Golu said...

the F1 joke was good :D