Sunday, June 25, 2006

Come on!... Singh along...

Q: What do you call a drunk Sardar who's driving?
A: Van Hi-Singh

Q: What do you call a brown Sardar who's sitting on a cake?
A: Chocolate Ice-Singh

Q: What do you call a whore who gives blow-jobs to BSF-people?
A: Sema Saxena

Q: Why does LT give Digital blow-jobs to army people?
A: Because P.C. Saxena

Q: What do you call a couple doing it in a Citibank ATM?
A: Citi-Citi-Bang-Bang

Q: Which bank do couples go to for foreplay?
A: Dena bank

Q: What are whores called in Sweden?
A: Swe (because in Sweden, Swe is done! :P)

Q: What is the motto of homosexual rishis?
A: Drink Beer, Fuck Seer!



Prady ! said...

abe u missed some of the real nice ones .. shall post them as soon as i remember :) ... and yes, we were on a roll!

sujay said...

a few more related ones-

Q: what do u call a french whore in pakistan?
A: La-whore

Q: Where do whores go for higher education?
A: Whore-ton