Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The origin...

How Vinod got his name... Here it is, for the first time, the secret kept safe for ages now being brought out in the open by the Priori of Kanjurmarg... this is the absolute truth.

Vinod's father has an evil, scheming brother. Also, this uncle of Vinod spoke very pseud Queen's English without a single error ever. Unfortunately, Vinod's father's wasn't as good. This created tiffs between the two brothers with both of them looking for opportunities of oneupman-ship (I am not sure where the hyphen goes but that has no relation with the story so doesn't matter).
Now, one fine day, little Bolli was born. (small hands, small face, small feet but still the same hair and huge backspace). And as customs (or maybe politeness) required, Vinod's father calls the Uncle up to give him this news.
By some other means (again, the exact means not important, so don't let this bother you too much), the Uncle had received this news beforehand. So, when Vinod's father informs him, he very smugly replies, We Knowed, instead of We Knew.
Vinod's father jumped at this opportunity of reminding his evil,scheming brother of his first and only mistake in life by naming his son Vinod. Thus, Vinod becomes the living proof of his Uncle's rarest mistake in life.
This, my friend, is the truth. Hard to swallow but can't be helped. Face it, you can't change history.

More truth about why Vinod came to IIT after his uncle returned from Brazil in a later post. Too much truth at once can kill. ("Journal of Medical Sciences, Article 23. pp 120-122")


Roman said...

Nice...cant wait for the next episode :D

vishnoi said...

fubu!!!!!!!!! god!!!

SD said...

Yes indeed. So, as you can see, Vinod is essentially a grammatical error.